3 Healthy Breakfast Options To Fuel Your Day

It should go without saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  As the name suggests, you’re breaking a fast that has probably lasted between six and eight hours during sleep.  This means your body is craving food when you wake up from sleeping. Plus, breakfast gives you energy and sets the stage for the rest of your day. This is why you want to choose healthy breakfast options and eat a quality meal that will help quench your appetite in the hours to come and give you the energy you need for whatever comes your way.

  1. Breakfast Burrito: One way to do this is with a good old-fashioned breakfast burrito. Use egg whites and lean meats and you’ll get plenty of protein without all the drawbacks. A whole wheat tortilla tastes just as good with better nutritional content too. Then go with a salsa that contains  your favorite veggies for an added kick of taste.
  2. Low Fat Yogurt:  Have a sweet tooth? Enjoy a yogurt parfait upon waking. Low-fat yogurt is packed with all kinds of nutrition. Add rolled oats for an even healthier finished product. Then mix in strawberries and blueberries so your craving for sweets goes back to bed. It also doesn’t hurt that these choices are high in vitamins and antioxidants.
  3. Smoked Salmon: If you’re feeling especially adventurous, begin your day with smoked salmon. Every grocery store sells it and you can mix it with scrambled eggs and asparagus for a gourmet brunch. Throw in some goat cheese for added flavor and plenty of healthy fats.

While eating breakfast is important, the above healthy breakfast options are far better than sugary cereals or fried bacon. Not only are they delicious and nutritious, they are also easy on the pockets!