Let’s Talk Fashion with Spiegel!

It’s time to talk fashion! The Mission Makeover girls meet up with celebrity fashion designer Richard Lowe III, the International Creative Director for Spiegel who has the inside scoop on how to maximize and minimize their assets!!! The girls all have ideas of what they would like to wear when they reach their goals. They make vision boards to show Spiegel what they’d like to wear. The ladies learn how to accentuate their success rather than focusing on hiding their sins.

Spiegel is a trusted American brand with a long history of consumer loyalty and deliverability. They are one of the largest publishing houses in America with an illustrious history having introduced the Teddy Bear, Barbie, CK, DKNY, Gloria Vanderbilt, Oscar de la Renta and the Credit Card to America.

For the last 150 years Spiegel has been offering more for less bringing the latest in fashion trends from the runway to the mainstream. So how do our ladies go about choosing what style looks good on them? It all starts with a vision! And fashion boards! Richard shares style advice we all can use!