Ok, Mission Makeover Viewers, I’d like you ponder this:

When it comes to your overall care, who plays for Team You? You are the captain; so, go ahead, give me your line-up.

I’m going to guess, at the very least, that you have physical and perhaps mental health-care professionals on your team. How about a hairdresser, a pharmacist, a mail delivery person, colleagues, a dry cleaner, neighbors, teachers, family, friends, safety officers, home professionals, food professionals, insurance people, a lawyer, and so on?

Your life would probably be unmanageable without various sources that you trust, right? And I’m sure there have been times where you’ve had to ask several of them to communicate with each other to meet a goal…say, when your doctor has called a prescription in to your pharmacist …or your neighbor has signed for your package delivery. What I’m getting at is this: When Team You joins forces, you get an even better result.

It is for this reason, that I loved being a part of episode 4. Yes, the Mission Makeover Experts had to eliminate a few contestants, which was as stressful and unpleasant as you might imagine. But, it was also an opportunity. All of us experts came together to discuss each woman from our perspectives…we got to bring our diverse know-how to the table, and sort our and share our opinions and impressions. It was fascinating and enlightening.

So, what was the defining factor in the most successful contestants’ behavior? What kept a lady from being eliminated versus having the opportunity to continue on the program?

In a word: Commitment. Commitment to consistency; commitment to all aspects of our health program; commitment to keeping an eye on the prize; commitment to working hard every day and staying disciplined; and commitment to evolve into one’s best self.

Is committing to a new way of living easy? Of course not! It can be extremely stressful and uncomfortable. But is it possible for anyone? YOU BET IT IS. Look how wonderfully our remaining contestants are doing. Look at the come-back stories that surround us all daily. I know you personally know many people who succeeded in the face of adversity and who succeeded where others—where they, themselves—have failed before. It can certainly be done. It is done.

Now, how about you? Are you committed to improving your life? If so, here is what I’d like you to do. Think about an area in your life where you are successful…maybe work, parenting, friendship, health, pets, etc. Now, think about what you have done to make yourself successful in that area. I know it was a lot. Ok — got it? Now, please think through (better yet, write down) what you can borrow from that successful area, to help you through whatever area you’re struggling in. Where do you feel stuck?

Finally, let me ask you this: Who on Team You can help you — or even join their forces — to get you there? You are the captain of your life…if you coach your players, you can achieve your win. You are worth it.

We’ll talk more about your game plan over the next few weeks. Until next time, stay committed and stay tuned!