We all know exercise is good for our bodies; but do you know the same is true for your brain? Just like any other muscle, the brain can get in shape, be strengthened and developed with use. Today’s Mission is about Brains vs. Brawn. The Mission Makeover ladies are called to Qquest in South Beach, Florida where they will be locked in a room and rely on each other for their wit, problem solving skills and teamwork! Does this team have the unity to succeed?

A room full of puzzles, a room full of personalities-do they have the grit to be great, solve the mystery while time allows and escape the room before it’s too late? For months they’ve been training their bodies to eat better, exercise and lose weight.

Today it’s about their brains. The brain is just as important as brawn—the brain is a muscle and needs to be exercised. Learn to maintain your brain ….Get involved, learn something new, stimulate your senses and participate in regular physical activities. Walk, ride a bicycle, dance, exercise-. you challenge your brain by challenging your body. Just like today we have seen the ladies utilize the power of teamwork, cooperation and grit to complete their quest-. proving that together they can be great.