Season 4

Over the Hump with Bio-Kinetics

The Benefits Of Olive Oil With Bio-Kinetics

Sarah den Hoed, VP, Bio-Kinetics Corporation Inc. and Robert den Hoed, Founder/CEO, Bio-Kinetics Corporation Inc., join …

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Steps To Improve Your Health

Take These Steps To Improve Your Health By Dr. Jessica

When it comes to the issue of “family dynamics” and “health,” it’s a great idea …

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Surprise Workout with Jamie Eason

Surprise Workout with Jamie Eason and Billy Beck III

Surprise Workout For The Contestants The girls have been hitting the deck for 4-weeks now, …

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Billy Beck Motivational Moment

Motivational Moment with Billy Beck III: Overcoming Setbacks

Trainer Billy Beck III has been pushing clients to shed weight, while helping them develop …

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Food for Thought

Food For Thought On Episode 3 With Julie Moran & Jamie Eason

Mission Makeover Season 4 Episode 3 Jamie Eason and Julie Moran provide the ladies with …

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