Food for thought from the folks at Zing Stevia Sweetener as Celebrity Chef Nick Stellino pays a visit to the three of the six ladies to offer up some sweet substitutions for their favorite treats under the watchful eye of Nutritionist Meryl Brandwein.

Time for “Cooking With Friends.” We’ve asked the Mission Makeover ladies to give us their favorite recipes that are near and dear to them.  Staying on track while watching what you eat can sometimes lead to cravings….but you don’t have to give-up your favorite indulgences if you can find the right calorie substitute.  Rochelle is looking for a way to make her beloved Peach Sweet Tea. Patricia is all about her coffee, while Debbi loves brownies. Is there a healthier way to make their sweet treats? Yes! Chef Nick Stellino to the rescue as he shows the ladies how to save calories without sacrificing flavor using Zing Stevia Sweetener. It provides a delicious sweet taste minus the dreaded calories.

Just one more weapon in the arsenal to help the ladies maintain the course to better health and lifestyles. Let’s take a bite out of this Mission Makeover knowledge.