Surprise Workout For The Contestants

The girls have been hitting the deck for 4-weeks now, working out with Trainer Billy Beck lll, at BB3 Personal Training & Performance Center within Alaya Spa at The Bonaventure Resort.   But is everyone giving it their all?

Catching them totally off-guard, we sent in our cameras — capturing the girls in action.  But that’s not their only surprise.  Jamie Eason shows up unexpectedly, joining Billy in an intense surprise workout.  It’s time to see what the girls are made of.  Are they committed and focused enough to make it through the upcoming weeks?  Weaknesses and strengths are revealed.

Billy is all about giving it your all. Live like lions, not like lambs.  He’s with the ladies three times a week… even when cameras aren’t rolling. His opinion of how well they are doing will weigh heavily on elimination discussions. It’s not just a numbers game; it’s about attitude, personality  and compliance. These six ladies have baggage and shedding not only their weight but the negative voices in their heads takes strong will and commitment.