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Mission Makeover is a “by invitation only” program. If selected, Mission Makeover television series will include a company in a branded feature integration as part of a 30-minute program. The feature will air a minimum of two (2) times on Lifetime Television Network between 7 AM and 7:30 AM ET/PT.

Prior to broadcast, partner company will receive a digital 20-30 second, on-camera tune-in teaser to the series promoting the feature in which the company is featured. Partners will be encouraged to use the teaser to promote their appearance on the show.

Partner will have the opportunity to approve the feature outline for technical and legal accuracy. The Mission Makeover™ Series covers all aspects of the production, promotion and distribution of the program.

Full promotional licensing rights to leverage “Mission Makeover” and “Airing on Lifetime” logos, banners and other digital assets provided by the show.

An HD Copy of Partner’s featured content will be provided, including a sizzle reel with highlights from the integration, packaged around the show open/close.

Lifetime Network
Marketing Public Relations

The Mission Makeover Marketing team will promote the segment through cross-marketing initiatives, including but not limited to Social Media, PR and Online efforts. Participant will agree to post the segment on their website for a period of at least three (3) months, and provide artwork and logos for marketing efforts. Participant will be encouraged to maximize exposure and viewership of the segment through their own marketing initiatives (e-newsletters, banners, email signatures, etc.). Episodes of Mission Makeover live on and YouTube.

The Participant’s segment will be featured on a dedicated interactive landing page, hosted on website, including but not limited to the video player, a segment synopsis, press release, newsletter article and promotional banner.

Through coordinated efforts with our Social Media Team, the Participant will have cross-promotional and conversational discussion to increase awareness and drive engagement. Scheduled content creation is encouraged to ensure timely development and posting. In stride with blog communication, the participant and our team will curate conversations throughout social while providing meaningful and relevant content.

Next Steps

This is an agreement to appear on the show. This document needs to be signed and authorized by a representative of your company and approved by our Executive VP of Programming prior to program scheduling.

The Fee covers a portion of the overall cost of producing and promoting the segment, grants exclusivity on the segment topic for the episode in which you appear, and guarantees scheduled programming will not be pre-empted. A financial commitment also ensures that our participants are vested in the show and the program’s schedules and deadlines are not compromised. The show is responsible for funding all additional costs of production and promotion well over and above the scheduling fee.

We are looking for any additional material about your company and featured solution/service that may assist our Production and Marketing Teams in the development of the segment and cross-promotional efforts for the program. These  show materials include logos, press kits, current press releases, product literature, published articles, slides and ad transparencies and existing footage, if applicable.

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