Season 3 Contestants Start Journey in Episode 2 ‘Changing Habits” on Mission Makeover™ on Lifetime TV Hosted by Julie Moran

The Six Mission Makeover women work up a sweat at Boot Camp on the Beach, get surprise visit from Shaun T; try out Piloxing, learn how to eliminate cravings and create path to success

(Pompano Beach, FL – PR.Com/CISION February 28, 2014) –  Sweat, food and tears are all part of the makeover ladies as the season 3 contestants start journey on the award-winning series Mission Makeover™ as Season 3 kicks into high gear on The Balancing Act® airing on Lifetime TV on Monday, March 3, 2014 at 7:30 am (ET/PT). Catch the re-air of last week’s premiere “New Season, New Mission” at 7:00 am (ET/PT).

The 13-week Mission Makeover series follows the powerful journey of the six women introduced in last week’s Episode #1 who are ready to break some bad habits, and fight for the health and wellness changes they need to make in their lives.

“It’s not a Diet, it’s all about Lifestyle,” says Dr. Arthur Agatston, renowned founder of the South Beach Diet, who sits down with the ladies to discuss delicious ways to eliminate cravings for sugary foods and refined starches in Phase 1 of the program. As Exclusive weight loss/weight management meal and e-tool sponsor South Beach Diet will guide the women through their personal health and wellness transformation throughout the 13-week series by helping them learn how to make better food choices, the importance of strategic snacking and how to fuel their bodies to take better care of themselves and those who rely on them.

At home in Florida, the ladies learn how to take another step in the right direction on their journey with Dr. Andra Campitelli from Truestar Health, a leading health and wellness online resource. “Dr. Andi” as she is known, is a naturopathic doctor who explains how to create a balance in personal health and wellness in five key areas – Nutrition, Exercise, Vitamins, Attitude and Sleep! She also gives tips and advice on how much weight the women should ideally lose each week.

After working out with celebrity trainer Adrianna Martin, their next step is onto a plane to travel to Atlantic City, also known as America’s Playground, where the ladies do anything but play with their noses to the ground at the 2-day SWEAT AC Fitness Festival.  Their visit is interspersed with nutritional advice, fitness and motivational tips from Shaun T, and a full-out Boot Camp on the Beach. Which of the ladies is looking forward to having a 6-pack?

The Atlantic City Alliance will make sure the ladies return later in the series for some real fun and relaxation.

Make sure to stay tuned for Episode 3 on Monday, March 10th at 7:30 am (ET/PT) as an unexpected wake-up call gets the girls sweating.

While these women share their journey to Health and Fitness, viewers can join them from home via the website where they can start their own journey, view behind-the-scenes action, watch the women’s personal video diaries, and find motivational tips, advice and weekly recipes. Knowledge is power, and the Mission Makeover website gives women the knowledge and the power to create their own positive change.

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About Mission Makeover™

Mission Makeover™ Season 3 is a special series that chronicles the 13-week journey of six women as they set out to transform their lives.  Nutrition, fitness, and life coach experts give the women the tools and guidance they need to make significant life changes and achieve a healthier lifestyle.  Season 4 will add a twist with family dynamics playing a prominent role. America’s best fitness, health and nutrition brands partner with the show to further enhance the experience.

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