Hello Mission Makeover Friends,

Dr. Jessica here. Welcome back to my blog and to what I hope is another wonderful week for all of you.

Please know that while I’m not featured in every episode of Mission Makeover, I am constantly working with our incredible contestants behind the scenes. So while this episode was all about our contestants’ physical health needs and goals—from facing their lab-work numbers to embarking on their first training classes and diet programs—you can be sure that I was right there to inspire them intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. As I told you last week, no one can make a permanent, radical health change without also changing his or her self messaging. There’s knowledge and then there’s constantly reminding folks to use it; that they’re worth it; and that whatever they’ve told themselves in the past just isn’t working for them.

Think of it this way. Imagine you lifted arm weights every day for months, gradually increasing the weight and repetitions. Now, suppose you had to stop due to, say, travel, an injury, or a lack of access to equipment. What would happen? Within a short period of time, you’d start to lost strength and tone, wouldn’t you? In fact, it wouldn’t take long for you to realize that you have fallen far behind where you used to be, and that to get back there, you need to start all over again, and start small.

Your brain, will power, self-messaging, and positivity work exactly the same way. They must be utilized, engaged, challenged and stretched daily to keep us growing and going.  But how? Here are a few simple suggestions to work into your self-improvement routine. Make it a priority to implement a few, and to keep them going. I promise you’ll be glad you did:

Go on the internet each day and look for inspirational quotes that truly speak to your soul. They may be about weight loss, healthy eating, or why you’re worth it. Write one or two down and keep them where you can see them, like on your fridge, in your wallet, or on your bathroom mirror.

When you are in a good frame of mind, keep an encouraging journal to inspire your weaker self. We all flow between feeling strong, proud, and in control to feeling lost and insecure. We’re human. Let the cheerleader you coach you out of your own doldrums and call you out of your tendency to fall into a bad-habit funk.

Move. Not everyone has access to a gym, equipment, or a trainer but all of us can stretch and close our eyes and breathe. Most of us can walk. In order to commit to enhancing our health, we need to stay connected to our temples, our bodies. There’s no better way to do that than to make them move with us…for us.

Thank your body. How often do we tear ourselves apart, whether it’s over our weight, our scars, aging, illness, or the things we all just wish were different about our looks? All the time…probably more often than any of us even realizes. So, let me ask you this: When was the last time you THANKED your body? It keeps you alive and nourished…it does its best to keep you healthy and safe…it has grown and matured, as you’ve needed it to. Instead of saying things like, “I hate my hair,” “My arms are flabby,” or “I need Botox,” say, “thank you.” It’s a small phrase that will go a long way toward self-love, acceptance, and improvement.

If you have one, keep a baby picture of yourself near you at all times. Remind yourself to take care of that sweet baby…that you are that sweet baby. We all tend to put others before ourselves, but that little girl or boy needs to be your priority. If you love others, you need to make sure that little one is thriving.

Make taking care of your brain as big a priority as taking care of your diet and exercise. It is the most important tool in your best-self toolbox.

I’ll see you next week on the air and in my blog.

Until then, keep smiling. I’m on your side.

Dr. Jessica