Hello, Mission Makeover Viewers!

To those of you who have tuned in to watch another season of our wonderful program, welcome back and thank so much for continuing to follow my weekly blog. To those of you who are new to watching Mission Makeover, well, you’re in for a treat. Mission Makeover is a truly life-changing and thoroughly engaging show, and not just for our contestants. Countless viewers have shared with me that the techniques and practices we demonstrate on the air, coupled with the advice we provide right here in our weekly blogs, have simply, yet significantly enhanced their lives. As a mental health professional and a life coach, extending my reach to touch as many people as possible is what I’m all about. It’s such a thrill to be a part of this awesome team.

As you’ve learned from the program this week, transforming yourself into your physical, mental, and emotional best self requires all kinds of know-how and reinforcement. There’s a nutritional component or pillar of success, a training/exercise pillar of success, and, a never-to-be-underestimated mental health pillar of success, which is what I am here for. Lots of diet and exercise programs eventually fail and people fall off the wagon and gain the weight back and then some all the time. Want to know why? Because while people can alter their bodies and habits for a little while, their self-talk muscle, their thinking, their mindfulness, must also be steadily reinforced. I’m here to regularly remind the Mission Makeover contestants–and all of you at home –that the long-term goal of health, happiness, and improved esteem is beyond worth the short-term sacrifices required.

I also know—both from hands-on and personal experience (yes, I, too, have suffered from all kinds of eating and body-image issues)–that while most people on a better-health journey believe that once they lose weight they’ll get a better self image, something else is also true. A better self image will also help you lose weight. Wondering how to get there? Stick with me over these next few months and I’ll prove to you that you RIGHT NOW, TODAY are amazing, worthy of self love, and up to every challenge imaginable. You can do it and you deserve it. I believe in you and look forward to taking this exciting and rewarding journey together.

Until next time,

Dr. Jessica Leon