Elimination Time

The esteemed team of Jamie Eason, Trainer Billy Beck III, Life Coach Dr. Jessica Leon and Nutritionist Meryl Brandwein come together to review the numbers, progress and commitment level of our six contestants.

It’s never been a secret. From the very beginning, the ladies knew of impending eliminations.  They all knew this day would come.  So how did the show decide whose journey on Mission Makeover is about to end?  Listen carefully, as our panel of experts weighs in on who is committed—who has been bringing their A-game… and who seems as if they’re throwing in the towel. It’s about much more than the numbers on a scale.

Nikki, has lost 21-pounds so far.  But does she have what it takes to power through?

While Nicole had some major anxieties over losing weight because of her body build. The former athlete carries more muscle than the other girls. She is worried that she could get the axe because of that scale number.

Fifty-three year-old Debbi is the oldest of the group and says her age is a stumbling block, when it comes to losing weight.

Patricia’s whole world seems to revolve around her new baby daughter.  Will that commitment interfere with her commitment to the show?

Brandi, a mother to two young boys, hasn’t been able to lose weight since they came into her life.  But is that just an excuse?

And single Mom Rochelle is extremely busy with her job and other activities relating to her two sons.  But can she manage it all – or will she run out of steam?