Earlier, we discussed the importance of switching up your routine, to avoid burn-out. Yoga is an excellent option, whether at the beach or beyond. What better way to start your day than yoga on the beach?! Yoga Master — Rudy Mettia, a Founding Member of Udaya Entertainment, joins us and takes the ladies of Mission Makeover on an incredible yoga journey. The benefits of yoga are seemingly endless.

For starters, yoga tones and strengthens our bodies. But it’s also an excellent stress reliever; lowers anxiety levels; improves respiration, energy and vitality; and helps with weight reduction and cardio and circulatory health. It’s an excellent supplement to your otherwise hard- charging workouts.

Experience Rudy’s magic and discover why his online, subscription based yoga programs and DVDs are all the rave. Udaya Entertainment features over 200-hours of content, with various levels, moods and modalities. There is something for everybody in the Yoga warrior 365 program. Choose your own yoga adventure. Anyone can become a yogi, with the help of Rudy and his incredible team of experts.

Through a lifetime of exploration and a serious dedication to the practice of yoga, Rudy has developed a unique yet insightful way of teaching yoga. whether you’re just starting out.. or you’re a yoga master, Udaya Entertainment has you covered! You don’t want to miss this!