Hello, My Friends.

I hope that this week’s Mission Makeover episode, “Mission Milestone,” shed light on a few things – besides how awesome it would be to take a trip to Las Vegas and the Great Canyon!  It, definitely, reinforced a few principles I work on (both personally and with my clients) every single week.

The first principle is this: Reaching a milestone, big or little, does wonders for an individual’s morale. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing, in this case, a health-related accomplishment materializes. Accomplishments such as closing in on a goal weight, participating in an athletic event, getting an improved check-up at the doctor, or having increased stamina or flexibility. Things that are external supports and cheerleaders are wonderful, inspiring, and often necessary; but, feelings of self-satisfaction are best of all. These accomplishments are what really motivate us, to keep on keeping on and never give up.

Do you think any of our contestants imagined they’d have it in them to be rock climbing and zip-lining in the Grand Canyon, a mere eight weeks ago? No way! And the truth is they wouldn’t have been able to, unless they improved bit-by-bit, over the course of many weeks to get there.

That brings me to my second principle: Progress happens, little change by little change. Progress is persistence meets faith. It’s knowing that even if you can’t SEE it, even if some days you feel like you’re going backwards, every workout and healthy food choice counts and gradually propels you toward your goal. If you look at any whole process at once, you’re going to get overwhelmed and say, “I can’t do that” and throw in the towel quickly…perhaps even before you try. But, if you look at doing something manageable, within reason each day, you will get there. This pertains to everything in your life.

I want you to think specifically of the “rope course” our contestants were challenged with this week. If you think about the whole thing the number of obstacles, steps, balances, etc.the ladies had to get through all at once, you’re likely to get overwhelmed for them. Thats too much,” you’re likely to think. BUT, if you dissect the course down…look at it as one piece at a time…you see that the course is challenging but doable. The trick is breaking it down into manageable chunks, to get to the end.

Off the air, I spoke to the contestants after their trip; and I’ll share this with you. They were proud of themselves and now understand the mental health piece of their fitness puzzle in a new way. On their excursion, the ladies were really able to put all of the mind strategies we’ve been working on into practice. They were able to complete what was put before them, because they were physically and mentally in the zone to do so.

Your takeaways from this week?

  • Know that what seems impossible today is possible sooner than you think, with little changes you can implement into your life/routine each day.
  • Know that each goal you make will do wonders for your self-esteem and motivate you for further change.
  • Know that every big picture—every end-goal—is intimidating and overwhelming unless you break it down into doable steps.
  • Know that even if you can’t measure your daily changes, positive steps each day will gradually propel you to your end goal.

Keep up the great work and I’ll see you back here next week.

Dr. Jessica