Thank you, Mission Makeover Viewers!

The contestants have thanked all of us for being a part of their self-improvement journeys — and now, I want to thank all of you for reading my blogs, being a part of mine and reading my motivational tips throughout the Season 4. I hope, over these past few months, that I’ve provided you with some tools to help you work toward becoming your best self — whatever that means to you. And I hope that you won’t hesitate to contact me if I can ever be of help to you in my full-time employment roles as life coach or therapist. You can find me anytime via

Ok, how cool was our finale? I am so proud of the ladies…where they’ve come from…what they’ve achieved so far…and what their futures hold. They look and feel fantastic, and if I know them, they are currently enjoying the myriad prizes they received…gym memberships, exercise equipment, Jamie Eason’s gear and products, and an incredibly generous gift from Spiegel. They deserve it. They have changed their bodies, their habits, and their minds, and they did it all publicly. It wasn’t easy; but man, I know they’d be the first to tell you, it was WORTH it.

Talk to anyone who’s had an improved physical metamorphosis, and he or she will tell you that they never imagined they’d feel or look as good as they do. But here’s the thing — sometimes we FORGET TO imagine what being healthy will feel like, and it’s extremely motivating. So, if you are unhappy with your weight, health, or fitness level, I encourage you to do this right now: Close your eyes, and picture what being a fit, healthy version of yourself will feel like. Picture your clothes fitting comfortably with no buttons or zippers or elastics pressing into your flesh. Now, picture how comfortable your body will feel without any excess in its way. Picture what life will be like when you can walk easily up a flight of stairs, get in and out of your car without hesitation or discomfort, and enjoy activities that you haven’t been able to or even wanted to participate in due to negative body image or less than excellent health or mobility. Picture yourself with a renewed sense of energy and esteem.

Ok, now whatever you just envisioned…I promise you…the reality of achieving that is even better! The short-term sacrifices are so WORTH the end result.

Want rewards, you say? No problem. In fact, I recommend that you give yourself rewards every step and every day of your journey. I’m not talking about expensive gift certificates, equipment, and memberships. (Although that would be nice, too!) No, I’m talking about things that are even more powerful and—get this—free. Starting today, give yourself the gifts of patience, compassion, motivation, and a supportive network, and then rewarding yourself. You know what you like. How about…an hour of guilt-free alone time? How about…an evening alone with a movie and your significant other? How about…a morning sleeping in? How about taking the time to cook yourself a truly delicious and healthy meal?

My clients often say, “I’ll be happy when.” I give you permission to be happy right now. Happiness, not waiting for it, not the pursuit of it, will heal you and help you make your dreams a reality.

Until we meet again, be happy and be well, and treat yourself with kindness.

Dr. Jessica