Like many of us, Mission Makeover Co-Host, Julie Moran is a busy career woman and a Mother. Yet, she finds time for fitness. She knows how important it is to keep that body moving. But she also knows that you have to make the occasional tweaks — change up your routine, in order to void burn-out and plateauing. Julie has it down. And you can, too. You might be surprised to learn the various ways you can change up your work-out routine. The ladies of Mission Makeover boosted their fitness routine with a trip to an indoor trampoline park. And if you have children, this would certainly make a fun activity that your whole family can enjoy.

You might also consider trying out a totally different type of fitness class; change your jogging route; update your play list or buy a new fitness outfit. Join a new gym. Or bounce your way to fitness on a trampoline as our girls did today! Buy a bike and hit the road! Julie is full of great suggestions! Tune in.. and listen up.. as Julie Moran shares some words of wisdom, in a very inspiring MOTIVATIONAL MOMENT. You don’t want to miss this!