Trainer Billy Beck III has been pushing clients to shed weight, while helping them develop abs of steels for many years now.  As one of the world’s most elite and accomplished personal trainers, Billy has helped thousands of people to gain control over their bodies and lives.  He’s got great advice not only for our ladies but everyone out there who may sometimes get defeated.

His client list includes professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities, and super achieving entrepreneurs.  He, alongside his elite team of trainers, delivers unprecedented results at the innovative and inspiring BB3 Personal Training & Performance Center in Weston, Florida, located at the Bonaventure Resort & Spa. There’s a reason the contestants of Mission Makeover, who work out with Billy, three times a week, are looking better and better, each day.

How does has he managed to stay on top for so long?  And how does he motivate his clients– helping to propel them to the top of their game?   Billy serves up some words of wisdom, on how to overcome setbacks, in a very inspiring Motivational Moment.  Be encouraged. Billy Beck III can help you up YOUR game! Live like lions… not lambs!