The day has finally come, the Mission Milestone. This will be the girl’s biggest challenge to date.
The Mission Makeover team has been training hard and bonding with each other over the past few months. Their bonds are going to be put to the test with a team building challenge up on the ropes course under the guidance of the Awesome Adventures Team. Billy and Jamie take the lead up on the wires with some inspirational teamwork as well as some laughs. The ladies are harnessed in and holding on to each other. This journey has been all about the team’s support of each other. An important element of teamwork is overcoming obstacles and now they are putting their strength to good use. The challenge ends at the top and there is only one way down! The team will zip off across Bootleg Canyon and on to their next challenge. Awesome Adventures takes the girls on a grueling hike up Lone Rock and harnesses their attention on the stunning view of the Valley of Fire! We quickly learn what goes up…must come down! Who will make the drop into the Valley of Fire? No guts, no glory!