Season 3 Episode 9: “Mission Milestone”

It’s race day and the ladies are almost finished with their mission.  Today they mark their journey with a milestone achievement: they all intend to start and finish their very first 5K Race!

The best-laid plans succeed. And that’s exactly why Mission Makeover trainer Adriana Martin has plotted out a course of action for the ladies, not only for their upcoming 5K race, but also for long-term weight loss success. Today the ladies finish their last workout before race day.  In addition, d to top it off, meet with an Olympic medalist for some last-minute inspiration on Mission Makeover Season 3 Episode 9.

At this point progress should be seen and felt for the ladies and reaching their Mission Milestone will be the emotional lift needed to ensure their success.  Tune in to see them complete their first 5K!

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