Season 3 Episode 5: “Taking It Up A Notch”

Entrenched on their journey the Mission Makeover ladies learn that it’s time to step it up a notch! The ladies experience new ways to exercise with Rave Sports, using their water trampolines and paddle boards at Quiet Waters Park. They also learn to avoid weight loss plateaus, and how workout variety truly can be the “spice of their life.”

The MM3 Ladies also discover how to take home fitness up a notch – better yet – to the top notch from Yowza Fitness! Yowza’s revolutionary, award-winning elliptical machine design is unique and ideal for goal-oriented weight loss and weight maintenance. And best of all, Yowza will make sure that the ladies will get their biggest Season 3 surprise yet! The ladies also get more dieting tips from South Beach Diet.

The ladies experience new fun ways to get exercise and learn how workout variety can truly make a difference on and add much needed motivation to their weight loss and fitness journey on Mission Makeover season 3 episode 5.

Watch this episode now and see how you can incorporate all or some of these healthy tips in this episode in your healthy lifestyle and take your workout up a notch!

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