Season 3 Episode 4: “Team Comes Together”

In season 3 episode 4 the ladies will learn start to understand the importance of a planned diet and nutrition programDr. Andra Campitelli  from Truestar Health will discuss the importance of a proper diet and supplement program to achieve optimal results.

The ladies and viewers alike learn about the importance of supplements for the best results!  Power up with protein from Nutritionist and Fitness Expert, Dr. Robert Wildman of Supreme Protein.  Dr. Wildman discusses the importance of this nutrient, with the ladies of Mission Makeover and teach them about the benefits on incorporating these lean proteins in a diet plan and how much protein is needed daily, to help you get a lean body.  Dr. Rob also discusses the various sources of protein, including some tasty new protein bars from Supreme Protein, and more! You don’t want to miss this!

Finally the ladies get a fitness shake up on the basketball court and learn about the right gear for success! Mission Makeover Season 3 Episode 4 team is formed and it’s time to get equipped for the journey.

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