Season 3 Episode 2: Changing Habits

In this episode the ladies truly begin to understand what it takes to be successful which is forming positive habits and breaking bad ones.  The contestants visit Sweat AC is filled with nutritional advice, fitness tools and tips, and motivational solutions from the likes of Shaun T, Joy Bauer and others while engaging in physical workouts and fitness activities offered at the event, as well as a full-out boot camp on the beach leading up to a “who will make the cut cliff-hanger” at the end of the episode.

Also in this episode we will introduce Dr. Andra Campitelli, who will walk our participants and audience through the Truestar experience at the Pelican Hotel in Miami. We will also utilize this time to teach the women and audience members how to create their own path to success.

Next the ladies get to meet with Dr. Agatston of South Beach Diet and about  talks eliminate cravings by stabilizing blood sugar levels, eliminate cravings for sugary foods as well as refined starches at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami. They also talk about, south beach diets rapid weight loss plan for 14 days that will help jump start their weight loss journey with nutrient dense foods to satisfy appetite in 3 easy south beach diet steps.

Finally, the ladies of Mission Makeover need to start forming positive habits and breaking their bad ones. After weeks of working out and getting direction from our experts we begin to see who is on the right path, who has what it takes and who does not! Watch this episode now to see who has what it takes to be successful on the road to changing their live on Mission Makeover season 3 episode 2.

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