Season 3 Episode 12: “We Finish Together”

It’s been a long journey and through the trial and tribulations of the season the ladies now embrace our season motto: “We Start Together.. We Finish Together” with the emphasis on TOGETHER.  In this episode the ladies work together to help one another and explore the power of group activities in achieving their success and getting the all-important support they need.  We set up the final sessions with the experts that will set the stage for the final reveal and prepare our viewers for the dramatic change that has taken place from the inside out and the outside in; setting the stage for the final episode and reveal special to come.

In addition, this will be a very important episode because Dr. Andra Campitelli will teach our contestants and viewers alike how to remain on a path to optimal health and wellness. When the cameras stop rolling and the experts are no longer involved, how do these women stay on track, avoid the rubber band effect, and create a long-term path to a healthier, happier lifestyle?

Finally, Dr. Robert Stanton, DMD of Stanton Smiles joins the ladies to show them how they can get a dazzling smile and boost their confidence.  All-thanks to Philips Zoom teeth whitening, the #1 patient-requested professional whitening treatment. Tune in to see why the ladies of Mission Makeover are smiling so brightly.  You don’t want to miss this!

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