Season 3 Episode 10: “Maintaining Your Momentum”

They may have reached their Mission Milestone in the previous episode; but the team’s journey is far from over!  In this episode, we see our ladies being motivated to “keep on keeping on.”  We also are making sure they are developing life-long habits that will keep them healthy long after our cameras stop rolling. This episode epitomizes the other Mission Makeover message of the series being “just as much about the journey as it is about the destination.”

The ladies meet with Dr. Andra Campitelli as she will do a motivational assessment, pointing out only the successes each contestant has achieved using the Truestar system. This will be a motivational speech meant to inspire the contestants and our audience to seek the benefits of a structured program like Truestar and how it can help them maintain their results.  The ladies also get a style lesson from Climawear‘s Stephanie Arthur and Angela Sloan. They join us to discuss the latest designs in fitness fashion as we all want fitness apparel that’s comfy, functional and of course stylish so we can wear it at the gym and beyond! Climawear offers exceptional choices that’ll rock the gym and throughout the rest of our busy day! And remember, if you look good.. you feel good.. and of course, you’ll do much better!

In addition, the ladies work out with Amy Pallack who lost 155 lbs on South Beach Diet.  They enjoy an outdoor bike riding workout then sit down to chat as Amy offers motivating words from a woman who has been there and continues to struggle but shows it can be done. And former NFL-er/Certified Fitness Instructor, Eric McDuffie, takes the ladies through their paces.

Press play and watch this fun packed episode of Mission Makeover Season 3 Episode 10!

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