Season 3 episode 1 of Mission Makeover kicks off with a new “twist”. We meet the group of 6 contestants who were selected to compete for the final spots on our “Mission Makeover Season 3 Team”.  We introduce the three “pillars of success” and the people behind them  which we call the the pillars of support.  Each “pillar of success” is aligned with a “pillar of support” who are the experts that will focus on assisting the team toward their goals through out the series.   In addition,  we briefly recap last year and give a super short overview of the casting selection process this season.

Lets Meet The Contestants:

First, we talk to Karen Radzikowski, viewers will learn more about her background, daily life, health/medical issues and see how her career is holding her back from accomplishing her weight loss goals.

Second, we learn more about Sasha Israel, her daily life, her thoughts on running in marathons and the feelings about her husband who signing her up to be apart of the Mission Makeover show!

Third, we meet Victoria Brooks and learn about her daily life, health, family issues and hear her hopes on the Mission Makeover journey she is about to embark on.

Fourth, we talk with Hillary Newton, learn more about her life, the family issues she faces pertaining to her mom and dad and how her career affects her lifestyle.

Fifth, viewers will get to know more from Deborah DiRoberto and learn more about her background, her family issues, singing career and what she wants to get from the Mission Makeover experience!

Last but certainly not least we meet Mara (Tati) Perez, and talk to her about her lifestyle, her upcoming nuptials in the fall and how working in the food industry affects her weight inconsistency and her insecurities about her engagement.

Supported by fitness experts, nutritionists, mental wellness experts, and stylists, the Mission Makeover Season 3 team will meet their pillar of support for the first time!  Viewers will get to learn more about the coaches and their professional and personal backgrounds.

Meet The Coaches:

Adriana Martin who will be the fitness trainer this season,  Meryl Brandwein who will be the Nutritionist,  Dr. Jessica Leon who serves as the Life Coach and Matt Pack who will also serve as a fitness Trainer for the ladies.

Watch season 3 full episode 1 right now and hopefully it will inspire you to embark on your own healthy journey!

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