Meryl Brandwein (RD/LDN) is back as the nutritionist of Mission Makeover -Season 4. She remains committed to changing the inner dialogue of the six contestants who are on journey to a better lifestyle. Mission Makeover is all about health and wellness…. Providing the life changing tools, knowledge and inner fortitude these girls need to ultimately battle with weight issues and overcome their struggles with diet, exercise and self-sabotage.

Meryl Brandwein is the founder of Meryl Brandwein Nutrition, a nutrition practice based in South Florida.

Meryl has been studying food and healing for over 20 years earning her degree from the University of Delaware. In addition, Meryl holds advanced certifications from the Institute of Functional Medicine and from Professional Compounding Centers of America.

Meryl is an emerging leader in the area of functional nutrition. She treats root causes and incorporates the integration of whole foods into overall health and wellness programs and strategies. She personally counsels clients and works to transition her clients to a healthier way of eating both as an educator and nutritionist. Meryl is also a strong advocate and participant in causes related to food sustainability, GMO foods and food labeling as it relates to the production of whole foods. Meryl conducts workshops for corporations, schools and medical partners.

As a cancer survivor herself, Meryl knows what it’s like to be on the “other side” of a complicated and life-threatening disease. While conventional medical treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation, helped rid Meryl of her cancer, they left her physically weak and tired. Meryl was able to apply her deep knowledge and understanding of food and nutrition to combine mainstream medical treatments along with complementary and alternative methods to restore her health. Meryl’s own experience with food and medicine to defeat her cancer gives her a unique and personal understanding of how food and nutrition relate to the body’s overall health and welfare.