Dr. Jessica Leon is back as the life coach of Mission Makeover -Season 4. She remains committed to changing the inner dialogue of the six contestants who are on journey to a better lifestyle. Mission Makeover is all about health and wellness…. Providing the life changing tools, knowledge and inner fortitude these girls need to ultimately battle with weight issues and overcome their struggles with diet, exercise and self-sabotage.

Dr. Jessica Leon earned her Masters of Social Work and a Doctorate in counseling from Barry University specializing in Marriage, Family, and Couples Therapy and she was also a member five distinguished honor societies while attending school.  Dr. Leon also studied anxieties and phobias in top research clinics around the United States and has affiliations with four leading associations in her field.  She is also a licensed clinical social worker, as well as a registered play and sand-tray therapist. She has been working in the mental health field for over 15 years and works as a volunteer for ten charitable organizations.

As the name of her business indicates, Therapist To Go, Dr. Leon is always on the go, especially when it involves helping a diversity of people deal with mental health issues. Her Therapist To Go private practice allows her clients to choose where they are most comfortable talking about their problems, whether in their own home, at the park or at the local Starbucks. She also offers patients the option of therapy via phone sessions and video chat.

Dr. Jessica Leon not only addresses common issues, she offers solution-focused counseling to her clients. She has helped clients deal with issues such as anger management, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, conflicts between couples, grief, eating disorders and loss of a loved one. Her work employs an active, empowering approach that is geared toward breaking dysfunctional patterns and increasing self-understanding.