Life After Mission Makeover

Last week the ladies accomplished their mission milestone, and what a mission it was, but the journey is far from over. Maintaining momentum can sometimes be hard especially when you’ve hit a plateau. Our goal is help the ladies develop lifelong healthy habits after the cameras stop rolling. All season long Dr. Jessica has been working with ladies behind the scenes. Time to check in on their progress. It’s important they keep moving forward and maintain their momentum.

The ladies have finished their morning workout and we are going to discuss the importance of preparing for the end of the Mission and they ladies knowing how to maintain momentum – She’s asking them frank and difficult things. First up Rochelle, She feels she has all of the support now to keep her going and to be honest is a little concerned she will go back to where she was before the journey without it.

Brandi, who is facing some new situations at home is finding it difficult to manage her time and find time to do what she needs to stay on track and discusses a recent breakdown. For Nikki – Dr. Jessica starts with the struggles that she has shared previously and for Nikki – it’s learning what to keep to herself and what to share in her personal life relationships.and last but not least Nicole it’s struggling with no longer hiding from everyone and being seen on TV going through her journey.