Our Ladies Prepare for Life after the Mission

Maintaining Momentum

They may have reached their Mission Milestone in the previous episode but the team’s journey is far from over. In this episode we see our ladies being motivated to “keep on keeping on”. All season long our experts have been working with ladies behind the scenes and now it’s time to check in on their progress… It’s important they keep moving forward… and maintain their momentum.

We also are making sure they are developing life-long habits for themselves and their families that will keep them healthy and fit long after the cameras stop rolling. This episode epitomizes the other Mission Makeover message of the series being “just as much about the journey as it is about the destination”.

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The Race is Still On In Episode 9 ‘Maintaining Momentum’ on Mission Makeover® on Lifetime



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 The Race is Still On In Episode 9 ‘Maintaining Momentum’ on Mission Makeover® on Lifetime

Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, Born Sweet™ Zing™ Stevia Sweeteners and Balega International Footwear Keep The Journey Moving Forward on April 7 Show with Co-Hosts Jamie Eason and Julie Moran

(POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – PR LOG – April 6, 2015) – The journey is far from over. Last week the Mission Makeover ladies took on a big challenge in Las Vegas, and to continue that momentum is no small feat. Tune in to see what’s in store for the Core Four on the award-winning series Mission Makeover® in Episode 9 on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 at 7:30 am (ET/PT) on Lifetime, the encore presentation of Monday’s show.

Listen in as Life Coach Dr. Jessica Leon meets with each woman one-on-one who divulges about how they are doing in their journey against the beautiful backdrop of the Bonaventure Resort & Spa. What strategies are they using to maintain their momentum as they get closer to the finish line of the competition?

With help from these experts, the Core Four stays motivated to “keep on keeping on”:

  • Pears and Pumpkins – Eating healthier can be a challenge but it’s all about making the right choices and substitutions. Chef Nick Stellino is back with the ladies and Nutritionist Meryl Brandwein for a little “challenging” fun in the kitchen to bake fruit and veggie muffins ….using Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener and Zing™ Baking Blend made of Stevia and pure cane sugar….it bakes and browns like sugar! Rochelle finds a way to sneak some vegetables into the recipe for her son while Nicole substitutes based on her flavor preferences. Zing™ Stevia Sweeteners are made with only real ingredients – nothing artificial. After baking the muffins they will do a taste test…so watch to see who is declared the winner!
  • Eating fruits or their labor – Today… it’s time to garden! The ladies get to the root of matter and meet Susan Ralston from Healthy Weight Commitment in Nutritionist Meryl Brandwein’s own garden, who shows us some ways to engage the entire family with active gardening. The kids and ladies make container gardens that they can take home and tend to…. a great way to learn about variety and eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Many interesting veggies can be easily grown and are inexpensive and fun to plant, grow, pick, and use in the kitchen! The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation promotes healthy and active lifestyles for families.
  • “Walk a mile in her shoes” – The ladies will get some “life after the makeover” advice from last season’s contestant Victoria Brooks! What is she is doing now and what are her current digits? She repeats her Mantra “that no cheeseburger has ever made her feel as good as a size 6!” Victoria will share some prep tips for her runs, like having the right gear like Socks – so Vicky introduces the ladies to the Hidden Comfort Line from Balega International. They were designed by runners for everyone who would like to perform at their top ability in absolute comfort. The socks are seamless for greater running comfort and reduced risk of blisters. Her favorite thing about socks is that with every pair sold, some monies go to support great causes.

Success is not a Race – Meryl will share her thoughts brought to you by HairUWear Motivational Moments, with tips on how to keep moving toward your goals!

Get the latest digits as the ladies step on the scale for the Weekly official stats Powered by Taylor Scales.

For more on our featured brand partners, please go to: https://www.zingstevia.com/, http://www.togethercounts.com/,   http://www.balega.com//

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