It is the beginning!

Elimination rounds are never easy; in fact, it is the hardest part for me.  What I have learned from seasons past as well as this one is that the journey continues for each of these ladies whether they are eliminated early on or not.  These ladies have forged bonds with their peers, the coaches and the viewers and that bond continues on well past the show.

Mission Makeover provides a well-rounded environment at the start to set up each lady for success well into the future.

We are here for our ladies from the beginning to the end as well as our viewers.  Our fabulous group of experts operates together as a team in their specialized field to provide accurate information and support.  Changes do not happen over night, they begin by making small changes each and every day.

We at Mission Makeover are here for you!  In my last blog I discussed assembling a team that will support you on your journey.  That team is there for you during those challenging times; please reach out to them!  I want to extend my sincere gratitude to both Debbi and Patricia for allowing me to work on their team and to serve as an educator, cheerleader and mentor to them.  Best wishes to both of you!

In good health,

Meryl Brandwein

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