I want to talk to you a bit about the theme of this past week’s show: “Changing Negative Thinking.”

If you’re like most people or like me, you make yourself all sorts of promises.  “I’m going to yell less, organize my house, cut off toxic people, spend quality time with my loved ones, get control of my finances, limit my phone addiction, and get healthy.”  Sounds familiar, right? It’s the human condition. We always want to be better.

But what happens most of the time?

We either never start down the right path, or we start something that we not only can’t finish or stick to, but it backfires!  With all those setbacks you start to think negative thoughts like “I can’t do this,” “I always fail,” “Why do I try?” and “Now I’m out more time and money and even worse off than when I started.”

How To Change Negative Thinking

I get it. I’ve lived it, too! But here’s what’s different now and what’s going to be different next time you start you fall back into bad habits. You are not just going to change what you do, but how you think. You are going to hear your inner voice putting yourself down, telling yourself you can’t do it, that you’re not worth it, etc., and you’re going to tell it gently, but firmly, to “shush!”. Then you’re going to replace that negative thinking with some healthy and positive thinking.

And, let’s not be naïve, right? Once you’re back on track with positive thougts, and the voice comes back, and it will, the one that says, “eh, it’s just one cookie, one text, one cigarette, one night, I’ll get back with my program on Monday”, with some practice, you’re going to learn to ignore those bad thoughts.

Pay attention to my work on the Mission Makeover and see how you can implement the tools I teach the contestants into your life.  Until then, breathe easy, keep reading, and tune in to see me in person next week.

All the best,

Dr. Jessica Leon