Hello, Mission Makeover Viewers!

If it sounds like I’m smiling, I am! I am so proud of our contestants for accomplishing something they never would have guessed was possible when we started: They ran their first 5K! I can’t even tell you how exciting it was for my husband, Scott, and I to be there to cheer them on. So, what have we learned from watching these remarkable ladies? Certainly, that many things that at first seem impossible are not.

I also wanted to share a few tips about what it takes to accomplish any intimidating goal, whether it’s physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual. Below are 4 tips on how to accomplish your goals:

4 Tips On How To Accomplish Your Goals

1. Build A Plan Within a Realistic Timeframe: Get a paper calendar and circle your goal date, whether it’s when you want to fit into a new outfit, have had a difficult conversation, or meet a deadline. Then, work backwards. What do you have to do every day until your goal date to accomplish it? Schedule it. Literally. Write it down.

2. Prioritize and Focus: Revisit your calendar every day. Cross out whatever you’ve accomplished and review what’s in store for tomorrow. Keep looking at your goal date and remind yourself why you want what you want. I also encourage you to keep a list of all of the reasons you want to meet your goal so that you can review it daily and add to it as you progress.

3. Eliminate “All or Nothing” Thinking: Remember, every journey has its bumps in the road. There will be some days that don’t go according to plan. Life happens. But listen, just because you didn’t get to do what you planned on any one day, does not mean you should abandon ship! Find a way to make it up by adjusting your schedule. Work around it. You can do it!

4. Change Your Thinking…This Is FUN!: This is the most important step. Think about the rewards of the goal, how great you’ll feel once you’ve made it. Make your journey-not just doable-but enjoyable.

Accomplishing any goals or challenges can be difficult.  Following these 4 tips will keep you motivated so you can push through and reach your goals.  I know you can do it and am so proud of you. Until next time!

Dr. Jessica Leon