“Before you criticize a man (or woman) walk a mile in his shoes” That quote certainly applies to our ladies. Especially today in this episode they’re about to get some “life after the makeover” advice from a surprise visit from a special guest.  It’s last seasons contestant Victoria Brooks! Aka Vicky B! Until now the ladies haven’t thought about life after Mission and they are leaning on Vicky B with some questions of their own.

Most importantly – how has she kept her momentum after the show? Hell Vicky B has been training and running. In fact, she shares some prep tips for her runs, like having the right gear. Socks are very important for running – almost as important as your shoes – Vicky introduces the ladies to the Hidden Comfort Line from Balega International. They were designed by runners for everyone who would like to perform at their ultimate ability in absolute comfort and they are seamless for greater running comfort and reduced risk of blisters.

Her favorite thing about socks though is that with every pair sold some monies go to support many different initiatives in South Africa Also many locally specific initiatives from Veterans in Need, to Breast Cancer fund. Join the ladies as they gear up for their morning run.