Welcome back for another great season of Mission Makeover.  I am so thrilled to be working side by side with our new team of contestants for Season 4. The beauty of Mission Makeover is that our viewers get to journey with our contestants throughout the season. As the viewer, you will get to witness the amazing transformation that occurs within each of these women; and it is not just about the weight.

As you will see, our ladies will undergo a complete life changing transformation that affects the body, mind and the spirit. As a nutritionist and food and wellness coach of 25 years, my greatest satisfaction is watching this amazing transformation happen over and over again.  It never becomes tiring to me.

Making long-term health changes can be confusing, difficult, frustrating and often times lonely.  Having a health coach along each step of the way allows you to partner together and drill down to identify, on a granular level, the most individual recommendations and best techniques to help you achieve the results you desire.  Think of us as an “At your service concierge”.

This is why putting a coach on your team is fundamental to your long-term success.  This year we have an amazing team of coaches, all recognized as experts in their individual fields.  Achieving success, on every level often requires a team approach, and with weight loss or just wanting to eat healthier requires changing our relationship and understanding of food.

I look forward to another wonderful season on Mission Makeover and can’t wait to journey together with each and every one of you!

In good health,

Meryl Brandwein

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