Happy thoughts before bed is just as important as starting it that way.

It is easy to let one stressful situation in work, or from a relationship come all the way to bed with us. We have a hard time letting things go and this can cause us anxiety and even disturb our sleep. This is why it is so beneficial to have happy thoughts before bed and have a set of nightly practices that we can use to decrease anxieties and invite motivation to make tomorrow an even better day. We all have the ability to create each day to be a perfect day for ourselves and through inviting nightly practices into our lives, we will be conscious of what needs to happen in order for us to live our lives to our fullest potential.

Here is a list of nightly practices to help you end your day on a positive note:

  1. Write a list of 10 great things that happened during the day. When one thing goes wrong in our day we tend to focus all of our attention on that one thing and it clouds over all of the great things that did happened in the day. We have an easier time focusing on the negative instead of the positive. When we write down a list of all the great things that happened to us, we are able to see how wonderful our day really was!
  2. Tell your partner one thing that you love about him/her. When we verbalize our love to our partners, it sends both of us to sleep full of gratitude and love for one another.
  3. Write one thing you would have done differently. Pick a situation that happened in your day and reenact it in your mind. Ideally, how would you have acted? What could you have done differently? Replay the new situation in your mind in order to train it for next time.
  4. Read something inspiring. When we are inspired before we go to bed, we will wake up feeling motivated. The inspiration will also help us let go of any stress or anxiety.
  5. Read a list of your goals and dreams. We should all have a dream journal. If you do not, then take a moment to write out your goals and dreams today and place them next to your bed. Reading this list every night will keep you aligned with your goals and by defining your dreams, you will know exactly what you are working towards.

Empower yourself and create your perfect day by combining routine morning and nightly practices that keep you focused, motivated and grateful.

By Chanel Mulcahy