As the ladies approach the end of their Mission Makeover journey the realities have now appeared. Who’s got the grit to be great? What defines success? A physical change? An emotional change? A life changing moment? We delve into the definition of individual success. And individual personalities. When it comes to unique solutions, we have just the thing to help our ladies on their quest to finish their mission, We all know exercise is good for our bodies; but do you know the same is true for your brain? The ladies put their brains to the test at Qquest a live escape room where they have to work together to figure their way out.

Proving together they can be great. Their next mission-fun ways to get their fitness on – The girls needed to get their workout in, so we found a fun and creative way for them to jump, dance, move and groove for an hour of exhilarating and funky fitness guaranteed to get their heart rates up while releasing their inner Divas-.a workout in disguise. And the third and final mission, Good Friend and Chef, Nick Stellino joins the Mission Makeover ladies for one last mission using sweet substitutions and Stevia –we promise it won’t self-destruct – but might just be devoured.

Behind The Scenes Photos

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