Nutrition is sprouting up all over! Are there secrets out there to “Getting over the Hump” and being able to enjoy their favorite meals while remaining true to their new healthy lifestyle? Sprouted flours are going from alternative to mainstream and by substituting this for their everyday flours/grains it just may be that special something that helps the ladies get one step closer to success on their Mission Makeover. Sarah den Hoed from Bio-Kinetics Corporation Inc. returns to share with us the benefits of sprouted grains. Emerging science is illustrating the benefits of whole grains in combating heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Sprouted grains may play a part in prevention of these serious diseases. Imagine eating your favorite baked goods such as pancakes, cookies or breads made with flour that digests more like vegetables than starches! When whole grains are sprouted properly, they are converted into a more digestible food. As the grain sprouts, it begins to turn into a plant, and the body recognizes plants as vegetables. Join Sarah and Jamie as they make up some family friendly chicken with their favorite sprouted flours!