Getting Started On Weight Loss Journey

After weeks of working out and getting direction from our experts we begin to see who is on the right path… the mission is launched! This episode will feature their lab work… which is crucial for any health plan.  Know your numbers is the message today! Knowing your vital numbers help determine what’s needed when it comes to nutrition, fitness and overall health.  Join nutritionist Meryl Brandwein and the girls of Mission Makeover as they pay a visit to Dr. Terrance Harris of the Women’s Wellness Center of Boca Raton Florida to get their blood and saliva tested.

We’ll also stop at the Farmer’s Table in Boca Raton Florida for a lesson in clean eating and the Mission Makeover ladies first nutritional step to wellness…a 14 day detox program. Join Jamie Eason as she checks in on the Mission Makeover first workouts, slips on some boxing gloves and sees just what their trainer Billy Beck III has in store for the girls! Then it’s back to the numbers game! Mission Makeover ladies meet their new diagnostic tool, the Taylor Smart Bath Scale. This scale estimates and measures: Body Fat percentage, Body water and muscle mass as well as being a one-step stop to keeping all of their important goals and data in one place. The ladies learn what all of this data means and how to keep it organized and how it will help them achieve their goals.

Behind the Scenes Photos

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