Time to get over the hump. The ladies are half way through their Mission Makeover journey and at this point we take stock in their progress or lack thereof and set forth making the adjustments needed. How do you challenge yourself to be better? To achieve new goals? To go where you never thought you could? In this episode we ask the ladies to challenge not only their bodies but their brains. See if they have what it takes to pass the Firefighter Assessment test… it gets a little hot out there… it’s both a physical and mental workout.

But they can’t forget about what they are putting into their bodies and the latest fringe foods like Goji berries, hummus, granola and now sprouted grains are going mainstream… once relegated to the organic aisle…. These grains have found their way to the pasta, cereal, bread AND even snack aisles. Today the ladies whip up one of Jamie’s favorite crispy chicken recipes using sprouted grains a healthier and tasty alternative.

For our busy ladies and their bodies, staying on track and being able to enjoy their favorite meals while remaining true to their diet is important. They have been enjoying fresh, healthy meals delivered right to their doors but what happens when cravings hit? The ladies share with us some of their favorite Fresh Diet meals and learn what to reach for to curb those cravings. Don’t miss this episode because it just may be that special something that helps the ladies get one step closer to success on their Mission Makeover.

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