Going full-steam ahead on a regular basis without changing it up, could lead to you hitting a plateau. If you’ve hit a wall, switch it up.  Do something new that allows you to have some fun PLUS get in a great work-out.   The Mission Makeover girls have been working hard and now it’s time for some fun – FITNESS!   So they’re shaking it up and getting their bounce on at the Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Welcome to the bounce zone!

The ladies of Mission Makeover, along with their esteemed panel of experts, take it to the mat for some fun and fitness. It’s TEAM BILLY versus TEAM JAMIE.  From testing their basketball dunking skills to wading through.. not water.. but FOAM.. to doing key fitness moves, while balancing yourself on a trampoline everyone’s bringing their “A” game.  Who will take home the prize?  Time to tally up the points and you won’t believe the intense, yet fun work-out you can get on a trampoline!  It’s not just for youngsters anymore.  You don’t want to miss this!!!