Mission Makeover Season 4 Episode 3

Jamie Eason and Julie Moran provide the ladies with some food for thought.  Oh that nemesis—Food! Whether it’s actual food or the mental aspect of food we’re confronting it head on offering motivational solutions and nutritional tips to help the ladies see the big picture.

With busy lifestyles and hardly any time to cook for themselves or their families, the ladies of Mission Makeover are feeling the pressure of needing to eat and be healthy in a time-starved world. This episode focuses on information, knowledge, and education needed to impact change when it comes to eating right and making the right choices. Whether its actual food created with healthier options or their relationship with food.  Our guests and experts intersperse real life solutions and nutritional tips so time constraints are no longer an excuse when it comes to eating right and getting on the track to healthy living. But it doesn’t end there, we gather the ladies for a “supplemental” round of training with a personalized platform of supplements for a targeted and individualized approach for optimal health helping fill in the gaps where diet and exercise doesn’t.

Behind the Scenes Photos

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