Jamie Eason and Julie Moran Show Us Healthy Food and Lifestyle Options on this episode of Mission Makeover

Mission Makeover Season 4 Episode 3

Jamie Eason and Julie Moran provide the ladies with some food for thought.  Oh that nemesis—Food! Whether it’s actual food or the mental aspect of food we’re confronting it head on offering motivational solutions and nutritional tips to help the ladies see the big picture.

With busy lifestyles and hardly any time to cook for themselves or their families, the ladies of Mission Makeover are feeling the pressure of needing to eat and be healthy in a time-starved world. This episode focuses on information, knowledge, and education needed to impact change when it comes to eating right and making the right choices. Whether its actual food created with healthier options or their relationship with food.  Our guests and experts intersperse real life solutions and nutritional tips so time constraints are no longer an excuse when it comes to eating right and getting on the track to healthy living. But it doesn’t end there, we gather the ladies for a “supplemental” round of training with a personalized platform of supplements for a targeted and individualized approach for optimal health helping fill in the gaps where diet and exercise doesn’t.

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Ladies Kick Start the Day in Episode 3 “Food for Thought” on Mission Makeover® on Lifetime


Ladies Kick Start the Day in Episode 3 “Food for Thought” on Mission Makeover® on Lifetime

Co-hosts Jamie Eason, Julie Moran and experts provide “Food for Thought” for both actual food and the mental aspect of food, to help the ladies confront their relationship with it head on with nutrition tips, motivational ideas and recipes.

(Pompano Beach, FL – PR LOG — February 20, 2015) –  After a couple weeks of working out, the journey continues as the “Team of Six” ladies on Season 4 of the award-winning series Mission Makeover® learn how to kick start their day on Monday, February 23, 2015 at 7:30 am (ET/PT), with an encore presentation on Tuesday, February 24.

As part of their mission to completely make over their lives and find balance as they start their day, the ladies will enjoy a yoga session at The Bonaventure Resort & Spa’s lush location to help them energize and find both mental and physical balance.

Work, workouts, home life, kids, and activities — how they can fit it all in? Life Coach Dr. Jessica Leon will hold a motivational session after yoga to address how they can conquer the world by forming better habits from workouts to eating. Watch to see which woman admits she gets caught up in the number on the scale…. and what she can do to overcome it!

With busy lifestyles and little time to cook for themselves or their families, the ladies of Mission Makeover are feeling the pressure to eat healthier in a time-starved world.  This episode provides real-life solutions and nutrition tips so time constraints are no longer an excuse when it comes to eating right and healthy living:

  • Kick-starting the morning with wholesome foods is a key to healthier living, but the ladies agree that prep and planning can be tough. To show them easy-to-prepare healthier options is Registered Dietician and “Qualitarian” Ashley Koff, RD on behalf of Otsuka American Foods who joins the show to talk about Wild Veggie breakfast bowls, and protein shakes that can be made in minutes…which the ladies taste and enjoy!
  • Trainer Billy Beck III offers some supplemental training with the help of Dr. Caroline Cederquist, MD, medical advisor and consultant for Pure Encapsulations. Dr. Cederquist describes what to look for when choosing a nutritional supplement, such as no hidden fillers, gluten or colors. It turns out that all six ladies have similar metabolic needs that can benefit from the addition of Pure Encapsulations’ high quality, research-based formulas. They will each receive a six-month supply to get them started!*
  • Celebrity Chef Nick Stellino, representing Born Sweet™ Zing™ Stevia Sweeteners, will gather the ladies around in the kitchen of Mission Makeover’s Nutritionist Meryl Branwein, RD, LDN to talk sweet indulgences and a calorie-saving twist! Last week the women provided their favorite indulgences. Chef Nick took recipes the ladies love and re-created them using Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener and Zing™ Baking Blend Stevia & Cane Sugar Sweetener, made with only real ingredients. More recipes next week!

The show wraps with the official weigh-in stats powered by Taylor Scales to see what progress – if any—the Mission Makeover ladies are making.

Make sure to stay tuned for Episode 4 on Monday, March 2 at 7:30 am (ET/PT) as two of the ladies are eliminated.

While these women share their journey to Health and Fitness, viewers can join them from home via the website http://www.missionmakeover.tv where they can start their own journey, view behind-the-scenes action, watch the women’s personal video diaries, and find motivational tips, advice and weekly recipes. Knowledge is power, and the Mission Makeover website gives women the knowledge and the power to create their own positive change.

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