Pole Dancing With Polestars

The Mission Makeover ladies are mixing up their fitness routine today proving that working out can be fun….getting fit and having some fun jumping, dancing and moving. Jamie Eason takes the girls on a well needed break from the gym to Polestars in Hollywood Florida. Pole Dancing is not only an art but a sport involving upper body strength and flexibility. Our girls take a spin on the pole with some aerial yoga, turn their workout upside down in some silks and realize it’s not as easy as it looks!

The ladies also get a heart pounding jump class in their Rebound shoes for some aerobic training and a lower body workout. Challenging different muscle groups and breaking away to have some fun can be a metabolic booster as well as a breather from the daily routine to keep you motivated on your journey. With regular workouts you can transform your physique, change your mind, uplift your emotions and improve your life. Don’t be afraid to challenge your body and conquer your mind.