Jamie Eason sounds the alarm and calls our ladies to the Coral Springs Florida Regional Institute of Public Safety for a workout to challenge their bodies AND their minds. Firefighters must be physically ready for just about anything. They must be coordinated, strong and have a good cardiovascular capacity to be truly useful on an emergency scene. The Firefighters physical agility test (PAT) is used to determine if a recruit is a good candidate for the Fire Academy and the standards are set high. Endurance is key since they must be prepared for many scenarios.

Ideally, a candidate should be able to maintain a reasonable and acceptable pace as they move through the course and complete all the tasks. It’s also common practice to try to simulate the additional weight a firefighter must carry while on the emergency scene. Height vests or personal protective clothing are worn to increase the burden on the candidate. Jamie Eason invites our Mission Makeover ladies to be put through the paces on some of these important tasks and test their fitness levels as well as their mental agility to push through difficulties.