While a solid nutrition and exercise plan are critical for weight-loss success, so is changing the way you think. It is a commonly overlooked, yet completely necessary piece of the puzzle. Sometimes its hard for people to muster up the motivation needed to complete difficult tasks. Below are 6 tips to finding your inner strength that will help motivate you to stay on track with your goals:

6 Tips To Help For Finding Your Inner Strength

  1. Work with a life coach or therapist (like me) to help you maintain your goals and monitor your progress.
  2. Read self-help and/or spiritual literature that resonates with your truth and keeps you grounded and present.
  3. Keep a journal that tracks your thinking/progress, and refresh yourself with healthy thoughts daily.
  4. Get the support you need from the people you love by regularly communicating your goals and keeping them involved
  5. Remember that change begets more change…keep doing little things to encourage a domino affect. It is not “all or nothing.”
  6. Be aware of your inner monologue and adjust it when it gets destructive. Let “I am worth it” be your mantra.

Don’t underestimate the power of visualization, even when you are working out. As you saw in this last episode, when I participated in a yoga class with the ladies, I encouraged them to dig deep and find their inner winners. They physically, mentally, and emotionally, pushed out the toxic and welcomed the good. Visions like this, whenever you’re exercising, meditating, falling asleep, or waking up, will clear your head and keep you focused.

Finally, please, take the time to pamper yourself. For some, this could mean getting a professional, monthly massage. For others, it could be taking the time to indulge in a warm bath with candles, getting lost in a great book or movie, creating art or crafts with your kids, making a visualization board, or enjoying an evening in solitude. You know what relaxes you. Do it. Seize it. It may not be offered. Take it, anyway. You 100% deserve it.

Please know that you can find all of my blogs from the show, and so much more, on my website. Visit as often as you can. I’m always adding new information and want to remain here for you. I love contributing to Mission Makeover, and working with so many incredible ladies.  I hope that I have given all of you some things to think about and take away, as well.  Wishing you joy, peace, health, control, and good fortune!

Dr. Jessica Leon