Final Push in Episode 12 ‘We Finish Together’ on Mission Makeover™ on Lifetime® Powered by Sports Authority

The team prepares for their special “Big Reveal” the following week

 (POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – PR LOG – May 9, 2014) One more week. The Mission Makeover team of 4 women started their health and wellness journey together 13 weeks ago, spent three months undergoing trials and tribulations together, and now are only one week away from finishing together.

Make sure to tune in to Mission Makeover on the Balancing Act airing on Lifetime on Monday, May 12, 2014 at 7:30 am (ET/PT) as the ladies prepare for their special “Big Reveal” the following week.

What would they tell their old selves? As they meet up with expert trainer Adriana Martin, nutritionist Meryl Brandwein and Life Coach Jessica Leon viewers will hear their answers and find out what else the team has learned along the way about priorities, boundaries and their mindset about food.

Smile with Confidence! As part of their Big Reveal prep, the women will pay a visit to Stanton Smiles in Ft. Lauderdale to get their teeth whitened, thanks to the Philips Zoom whitening treatment, which can whiten teeth up to 8 shades in 45 minutes in an in-office treatment. For keeping their pearly whites bright, they can follow up with at-home trays or the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean.

Survival Kit! Scott Sturgill of South Beach Diet visits the ladies again for a quick look at their journey and their successes as he says farewell to the ladies of Season 3 of Mission Makeover.  The South Beach Diet Team has been with these ladies since the beginning of their journey… and will continue to stick by them, even after the cameras stop rolling.  But in the meantime, the South Beach Diet team presents the women with an impressive and generous “Survival Kit.”  Wait until you see what’s inside!

More Stars! Dr. Andra Campitelli, known as Dr. Andi, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, joins the show to discuss Truestar Health, the world’s leading online health program, with the ladies.  This is their final meeting before next week’s big reveal.  Dr. Andi offers them words of wisdom and advice, along with a personalized gift to match their star necklace!

It’s the next to last week before their final numbers of inches and pounds lost are revealed during “Weekly Stats Powered by Sports Authority.”

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Mission Makeover™ Season 3 is a special series that chronicles the 13-week journey of six women as they set out to transform their lives.  Nutrition, fitness, and life coach experts give the women the tools and guidance they need to make significant life changes and achieve a healthier lifestyle.  Season 4 will add a twist with family dynamics playing a prominent role. America’s best fitness, health and nutrition brands partner with the show to further enhance the experience.

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