Season 4 Elimination Time

Who will get the ax? The girls came together 4-weeks ago, knowing full well that they either had to go hard or they would be forced to go home.  And it’s now its home-time for two of our contestants.

Our team of experts:  Jamie Eason, Trainer Billy Beck III; Life Coach Dr. Jessica Leon, Nutritionist Meryl Brandwein, got together to access the each girl—to decide whose mission should end.   They took much into consideration: determination, commitment levels, progress, weight loss, compliance or lack thereof… and even attitude.

And now— the day of reckoning as the cast and coaches convene at the Bonaventure Resort and Spa. Tension is high; nerves are frayed.   But wait… an eleventh hour decision changes everything. Debbi decides to leave the show on her free will…. And continue her fitness journey on her own. She loves the team but her life is just too hectic to part of Mission Makeover.   The team’s other choice? Patricia! Her head just isn’t in the game… her young daughter is her primary focus. While the team understands her family life is very important to her, she ultimately needs to put herself first if she’s ever to get to her idea weight and health goals. It’s now down to the core four….Brandi, Nicole, Nikki and Rochelle.