Group Session With Dr. Jessica

Whether its actual food or the mental aspect of food …Hello Life Coach… we’re confronting it head on offering motivational solutions and nutritional tips to help the ladies see the big picture!

After a session with yogi Phylice Kessler at Alaya Spa within The Bonaventure Resort in Weston,  Florida the ladies sit down with Life Coach Dr. Jessica Leon to talk about their thought process … what’s the biggest challenge ahead? How can they prepare themselves?

Each of the six ladies have concerns about how to manage the upcoming journey, follow the guidelines, take care of things at home and of course overcome their food issues.  Some are mothers, others have busy careers. Time management remains at the center of it all.

Dr. Jessica Leon’s advice to all:  Take time for yourself. Make this journey a priority. Ask for help. Write down your goals. Be accountable. Know that we’re all given the same 24 hours but its how you choose to use your time.

Debbi knows she must turn off work during her workout and focusing on herself. Nikki is learning about how to moderate her food intake and concentrate on being present. Single mom Rochelle is hoping she and her son will benefit from all the great advice and healthy food options. Brandi has two sons, a husband and work obligations but is optimistic about making a change. Patricia knows it’ll be tough and she’s ready to go for it.