The Fresh Diet

A common misconception is that meal delivery programs are too expensive. However, a person tends to spend more on dining out on a daily basis without knowing the nutritional value of what they are eating. A meal delivery program, such as The Fresh Diet offers innovative gourmet meals using the freshest, all-natural ingredients that compare to the cost of dining out without sacrificing nutritional value.

The Fresh Diet is the easiest way to have 3 meals and 2 snacks delivered right to your doorstep. It is the ideal meal delivery program to lose weight or maintain medical and dietary restrictions. Our chef prepared meals are nutritionally balanced and are never frozen, freeze-dried or vacuum packed. The Fresh Diet meal plans are based on a caloric and portion controlled formula, balancing all the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy without sacrificing taste. It is the ultimate diet delivery solution. with 4 meal plans to choose from, a gourmet variety of over 150 dishes and a Nutritionist and health specialist on staff to answer any questions.

The ladies are half way through their journey and “getting over the hump” can be easier said than done – staying on track and being able to enjoy their favorite meals while remaining true to their diet is important for our busy ladies… They have been enjoying fresh, healthy meals delivered right to their doors from Fresh Diet, but what happens when cravings hit? The ladies share with us some of their favorite meals and learn what to reach for to curb those cravings.