Lean proteins not only curb hunger, they also allow you to maintain muscle mass and keep your metabolism revved while losing weight. Eating lean protein throughout the day also helps keep blood sugar levels steady, which helps keep cravings in check.

Benefits of a lean protein diet are:

1. Healthy Heart

A diet higher in lean protein may provide benefits for your heart.

2. Muscle Building

This best way to cut fat is by building muscles.  After a workout, the body uses lean proteins to build back your muscles.

3. Weight Loss

Lean proteins help you feel full longer.  Eating more lean proteins will help your body maintain lean muscle mass, which is important for a healthy weight loss plan.

When considering protein choices, your best options are skinless turkey, chicken, or duck breast; pork loin and pork tenderloin; fish and shellfish; and vegetarian meat alternatives that contain fewer than 6 grams of fat per 2- to 3-ounce serving. Also recommended are lean cuts of beef such as flank steak, eye of round, top round, bottom round, ground beef (sirloin, lean, and extra-lean), tenderloin (filet mignon), and T-bone. You may also enjoy game meats such as buffalo, elk, ostrich, and venison, but you should avoid higher-fat brisket, liver, rib steaks, prime rib, dark-meat poultry (legs and wings), and goose. Provided by South Beach Diet